Australian universities educate more than 400,000 overseas students every year. Students from all over the globe are attracted by Australia's vibrant, exciting and independent study environment. Aust Migration provides a broad range of Education & training services to assist you with:

  • settling in Australia
  • finding a job
  • seeking additional education or training
  • learning English

We offer a truly comprehensive service to international students seeking to study in Australia to help them qualify for their chosen profession. Our facilities range from free counselling to students on career planning, course selection and the picking an university to working with you on how to effectively apply for a particular course. We can guide you with getting the educational records and financial proof organized. We will operate on your behalf to acquire an “Offer of Place” from the Australian university. We will lend a hand with filing the Australia Student Visa Application to the Australian Immigration Department and have regular follow ups on the progress of your Visa Application. We will get the “Confirmation of Enrolment” from the Australian university.

At AUST, we counsel and assist in picking the appropriate career best suited to your educational background, capability and ambitions. Selecting the right career turns out to be simpler when you brainstorm with our experienced consultants. We have able and well-informed education counsellors who will deliver focused assistance. They will keep you up to date on the latest opportunities in your profession. Wherever you may be in your expedition, AustMigration provides you with an option to help you get to the next phase. Meet with an AustMigration counsellor who can direct you to opt for the appropriate course that will help you accomplish not only your educational but your professional objectives.


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